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We are your innovate real estate agency in Kaiserslautern and its surroundings. Our primary goal is to make every house sale a customized success story. For reaching this goal, we developed a coherent marketing concept for the region of Kaiserslautern which enables you to find the suitable buyer in the shortest amount of time. Our vision is to raise the bar of the real estate industry and to guarantee buyers and sellers maximum profit. Get to know our strategy in a personal meeting. We are looking forward to doing business with you!

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Das Immobilienmakler Team von Immocenter Bolich in Kaiserslautern

Real Estate Prices in Kaisers­lautern

The price of a house is composed of the value of property, material asset and the demand. Each home is exceptional based on appliances, location and overall size. Therefore the price is exceptional too. As your real estate agent in Kaiserslautern we aggregated the recent price situation of property in Kaiserslautern: Most popular districts in Kaiserslautern are Bännjerrück, Uniwohngebiet (Residential Zone 

of University), Lämmchesberg as well as Kaiserberg and the northern centrum. The cultural charm and sound infrastructure of the oldest suburban settlement Erzhütten-Wiesenthalerhof make one of the most popular and demanding residential areas. From the eight suburbanized districts Hohenecken, Morlautern and Siegelbach are the most popular.

Average Prices in Kaisers­lautern for

As-good-as-new single-family houses

(about 500 qm property and 150 qm living space)

Position€ / qm living space
Good Position in Kaiserslauternfrom 2,500 € to 3,220 €
Middle position in Kaiserslauternfrom 2,390 € to 3,000 €
Ramsteinfrom 1,980 € to 2,920 €
Enkenbach-Alsenbornfrom 2,240 € to 2,900 €
Landstuhlfrom 2,150 € to 2,560 €
Weilerbachfrom 2,200 € to 2,950 €

Semi-detached houses are due to smaller properties and convenient design averagely 12 percent cheaper. Are houses in need of renovation the price per
square metre reduces.

As-good-as-new condominiums

(about 70 to 100 qm living space)

Position€ / qm living area
Good position in Kaiserslauternfrom 2,300 € to 2,700 €
Middle position in Kaiserslauternfrom 2,180 € to 2,530 €
Ramsteinfrom 1,990 € to 2,300 €
Enkenbach-Alsenbornfrom 2,080 € to 2,440 €
Landstuhlfrom 2,100 € to 2,240 €
Weilerbachfrom 2,100 € to 2,550 €

Special properties such as exclusive lofts or penthouses achieve a price up to 3,000 € per square metre. Used condominiums in good condition start with 1,300 € und reach according to furnishings and position up to 2,000 €.





qkm area


m above normally zero

What is the Value of your Property?

The value of your property is affected by position, building structure and demand. Position and building structure can be hardly change. Demand in contrast can be significant influenced by a detailed and thoughtful marketing concept. Such a concept highlights all benefits of your property, influences the impact through a sophisticated presentation and reaches almost twice as much prospective buyers. Lets increase the demand of your property also. How?


Position of Property

Position and infrastructure of this area is factor No 1 and not variable


Building Structure

Architecture and building structure is factor No 2 and is only limited variable



Maximizing appeal and demand of your property is our specialty

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„Your professional concept and excellent realization surprised me. I, a skeptical house seller, who didn’t want to engage a real estate agent in no case, have become an enthusiastic customer of ImmoCenter Bolich - fantastic service, reliable employees and an extraordinary marketing strategy. In my opinion the best real estate agency in Kaiserslautern. Thank you so much for the successful mediation.“ 

Family Bosch, Kaiserslautern

„Our house sale by ImmoCenter Bolich worked out brilliantly. We didn’t need to having care for a thing and within a very short time the team of ImmoCenter Bolich found the appropriate buyer. We were highly satisfied and will contact Mr. Bolich and his team definitely, if we want to sell or buy a property again.“

Family Roiger, Kaiserslautern


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